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Confidence of Children

My 9 years old son who learns in English at school, came to me and said, “Daddy, I want to graduate from my EAL classes”. As my son entered the school without any English skills, it took him over a year to be able to understand English conversations. Now he is trying to graduate from EAL classes so that he can learn with his friends.
He lost confidence when he couldn’t reduce the number of classes to take, but I thought it was a good lesson for him. I went up to my son and gave him couple of words to make him be motivated again to improve his skills. Once my son understood what it needs to graduate from EAL, he has confidence. I told him to repeat that “I can do it” 7 times, he does that and he really works on it everyday to improve his English skills.
Children are above adults when it comes to confidence. I know it depends on children but they are more influenced by how we parents react and influence about the external event. When parents use negative words, then they will become negative and fear about failure. If you use positive words and influence them they become easily confident.

Why Confidence Is Important

I feel everyday that when you don’t have confidence you will have a problem when your in your mid career and start to manage people. Confidence is the core of all leaders and managers. So today we will learn about the 5 reasons that you must work on building confidence as a business professional.

Identify of your own

A strong confidence is importance for you to give identify of your own. Confidence forms to accept who you are and what you believe. Leaders who has confidence can communicate effectively and show the passion of the kind of person you want to be. No matter what other people might say or criticize the way you think, you have the world that you believe in yourself that forms the vision.

People Crave Certainty

Your followers are looking for a place to be safe. They follow leaders because you provide certain level of safety by showing your vision and belief that matches the ideal situation people want to live. You will be disappointed when one of your leaders who you admire is not confident at all when he or she is speaking in front of the audience. Confidence is important for follows to believe that they are safe.

Non-Judgemental Position

In business we have cases that we have issues related to relationship. Sometimes the relationship issues become so intense that people show immediate frustration or anger. When you are in the middle of the problem that occurs you will need to disassociate yourself from the situation and take the nonjudgmental position. When you don’t have the core belief of the direction you are leading your team, it is easier to get caught up by these incidents. Having strong confidence in yourself allows you to be in a state to see things objectively.

Ability to Show Your Opinion

Being confident shows the ability for you to express your opinion. It is not just the words that you use but also the physiology. Your physiology will give you the impression that you have confidence. Based on  your personality or cultural background, you may not use direct words to send strong message. Having the confidence shows how strong the that person believes in what he is saying by the tonality or body language which also contributes to send message to others.

Overcome Fear

One of our negative emotions that we want to eliminate is fear. Fear comes when you don’t have the confidence in what you believe and it has significant impact in your behavior. When you are feeling the fear of failure, your brain will not consider necessary aspect of the issue. Then you will not be able to make the best decision with the limited amount of information. Confidence is important as it is like the medicine to eliminate your fear.

Leadership Starts With Confidence

I have never seen a great leader without confidence. People will follow because the leader has the passion and belief which shows the confidence what they are doing. This is the ultimate skill that proves them to become the leaders of organization. As leadership can be learned, we are all able to learn how to build confidence. Confidence is important not only for executives but also for business professionals. Every aspect of our business comes with individuals to show what they think is the right thing to do. In our current business environment we don’t know what is right and what is wrong. What we do know is that we can control what we believe and keep the confidence to achieve your goal in business.
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