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Introduction to Prodemy Thailand

Welcome to Prodemy Thailand Business Tutorial Website. This is the first blog post of Prodemy Thailand, and I am more than excited to introduce our website to everyone. Please watch our introduction below to learn more about our services.


Prodemy Thailand Business Tutorial is for all business professionals who has the passion to efficiently and comprehensively learn essential business skills and utilise the knowledge to your business field. We want to help you gain the knowledge to perform at the highest level by practical learning. This is going to be a learning portal, online education, and also collaborative space where you will improve your business skills. We now live in a world where we have an enormous amount of online contents related to business competencies. On the other hand, there are cases that people need more help how to use their knowledge to actual business rather than just gaining knowledge. Prodemy Thailand will provide you with the solutions for active business learning.

Who do we target?

Prodemy Thailand is for all business professionals who has the passion for learning business skills in English. We do focus especially on the target audience as follows.

1. Business Professionals Who Intend to Perform in a Global Business Environment

It is important to have the capability to utilise competency skills and fundamental professional skills, especially for business professionals who are intending to perform at the global level. Although you are eager to start learning, you may not be clear where you should start. Prodemy Thailand is a Business Tutorial Portal where we provide you with the step to start learning core business skills in English. For business professionals who are intending to perform at global level Although you are eager to start learning, you may not be clear where you should start. Prodemy Thailand is a Business Tutorial Portal where we provide you with the step to start learning core business skills in English.

2. Non-Native English Speakers 

We also want to invite non-native English speakers to utilise this website as well. It can be difficult for non-native English speakers to productively search for the learning contents you want at the right timing. We will help this audience to be able to access to key business materials including the explanation about the contents and level required to understand or utilise them. We consultants have the stock of information that we access primarily for fundamental business skills.

In Thailand, I met a lot of people willing to learn English because they wanted to learn new business skills. There are cases that you want to learn because some of the skills that you want to learn may be only provided in English. We will support beginner level English speakers to improve their English skills by explaining some of the key terminologies used in each business area. We are willing to provide a solution for these non-native English speakers to quickly search for the appropriate contents depending on the level you require. By taking the step from Prodemy Thailand, you can expand your learning efficiency and become a truly global business person.

3. New Graduates From University

Prodemy Thailand will also provide sufficient learning platform for new graduates. Although you may be applying for business schools, you will get a chance to learn from business managers, consultants and senior executives on their experience and the practical learnings you need to know. We will also provide online courses for Supply Chain Management, Data Analysis, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Information Technologies. Utilise Prodemy Thailand solution to not only to gain the knowledge but also to learn how to use the knowledge when you start building your fundamentals of business capabilities.

What Is Different From Other Education Websites?

We focus on both learning new skills as well as on how to practice those skills that you have learn. Learning requires the balance of input and output. If you focus on the output, then there is a high possibility that you will be able to use that knowledge or skills to your daily work.

We will also collaborate and introduce online courses, seminars or training which can be beneficial for your learning. We utilise external contents as much as possible so that it helps you to get the necessary information of business education at the right time. Prodemy Thailand will provide the solution for practical business skills learning.

What Prodemy Thailand Provides


1) Business Professionals Contents and Online Courses
The first service that we provide is the professional contents and online courses. Online courses are for beginners and intermediate learners on multiple subjects, such as Sales & Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Information Technology. Online Courses are for business persons who want to learn on self-paced via video and test contents which allow you to take the course during your free time. Your can check our materials in the blog post. We will use video, audio and text contents so that you will be able to learn from these blog posts. These contents will be related to core business knowledge and hints and tips on how you can practice your skills or how to utilise to your business.

2) Business Training and Seminars

The second service we provide is business training and seminars. We want business learning to be active. Therefore we want to provide the environment for you to practice and also to share your experience. Active learning can increase the speed and depth of your knowledge. We will provide these onsite sessions mainly in Thailand.

3) External Contents Introduction
The last service we provide is the introduction of external contents and resources for your learning. These include the explanation from Prodemy Thailand as well as the link to the contents. This will be provided through our blog posts so please subscribe our blog posts to receive the latest contents that will help to improve your learnings.We believe that utilising valuable contents can support and fulfil the requirements as many business professionals may have variable demands.

Givers Mindset and Welcome Feedbacks!

Prodemy Thailand will support people’s learning and see the potential of yourself to enjoy your work life. We also intend to improve this website as much as possible. Therefore any feedback is always welcome. If you also have some knowledge or idea to contribute to business learnings, please send us your thoughts via email (prodemythailand@gmail.com)

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