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Key Things Successful People Do is “DO IT!”

You know the famous Nike phrase in their commercial. “Just Do It”. No matter what their fields are, successful people has the mindset of taking action. Therefore, the first thing you need to understand about the things successful people do is execution. They know that if they take the first step, that is going to be their advantage. If others start tomorrow, they want to start today. The more time you dedicate, the more you gain from taking action.

Do You Just Want to Know What The Things Successful People Do? Hell, no….

First of all, we want to know the things that successful people do and what kind of habit they have right? Just knowing what the things successful people do is quite easy. You can just google it, and you will find tonnes of articles and blog posts about things successful people do. However, what is your goal of searching this information? Don’t you just want to know what successful people do? NO WAY!! What you want to know is HOW TO DO the things successful people do. So today, let’s focus on “execution”. If you cannot do it, you have to know WHY YOU CANNOT DO IT.

1.Take People’s Advice

We all ask people for advice. Don’t you have the experience that you already made up your mind not to take the advice? Although you think the information was valuable, don’t you have the experience of just doing what you thought in the beginning?
Be Honest

Why you cannot do based on people’s advice is that you are not honest. When people do not have honesty, they will not do because you create your meaning of why you don’t necessarily have to do it. If you don’t do it, you don’t get further feedback. Either it works or doesn’t work, you never know until you take the advice and do it.

Thinking About How Others Will Think About Your Action

Another reason why you don’t do is you are thinking about how others will view what you are doing. Sometimes it is not relevant or appropriate for the people who are around you. However, you must think of your goal. What do you want to achieve? If it is towards the goal, who cares if it is something you haven’t done before? The important thing is the outcome. Other people will think and say what they want, and that does nothing to do with the goal you want to accomplish.

Ask For Advice

So get the advice from your friend, colleague, family, boss, customer or any network you can use. Ask them how they think and get the advice from them. If you don’t agree with what they say, get another advice. Make sure you do it and get the feedback and learn from what you have done. This is the things successful people do every single day.

2.Utilise The Knowledge That Others Have

Successful people knows how to get the knowledge. They understand that your knowledge is limited and they need to use the knowledge that others have.

Prepare The Procedure To Search Knowledge

When you want to find a book about the certain topic, what do you do? Successful people has procedures how to look for the book that they need. They do not take the time to think about the process. Some may say that this comes from experience. I would say this is partly right, and I will need to add that they prepare the process before they need it.

Design Your Way To Get Knowledge

When you are looking for information, what are the tools or techniques that you use? Even just searching on Google, what are the tools that you use to find the relevant keywords? In fact, we search for information searching mostly every single day and now that we have internet access to information is relatively easy. However, as there are a tremendous amount of information on the Internet, finding the correct information can be difficult. Even looking for books, how will you get the book that you want to read? You may go to Amazon, go to your favourite books store or go to the library. The point is how fast you can get the information you need. If you don’t have this image, then you will think “I may not be able to get what I want so I rather NOT GO LOOK FOR IT”.

Who Can You Ask?

We all have people who can ask for the knowledge others may have. The more people you know, the better. You might say “But I don’t have anyone to ask for my business!”. No that is not true. If you say that, you are just making a decision in your mind that there is no one you can ask. What if your family knows someone who knows about that knowledge? Old friends, you’re connected on Facebook? How about your neighbours? You can see that you are limiting your option by thinking that people do not have the information. Which may not always be true? I get new information from the people I did not expect most of the time. The first step is ASK. If you don’t ask, you don’t know what people know. Asking for support is one of the key things successful people do at work.

3.Master Experiential Learning Cycle

Successful people uses their experience to improve their skills. Whatever they experience they will reflect back, abstract and conceptualise what you have learned and actively practice and experiment in different situations. David Kolb, who is an educational theorist, developed experiential learning process.

1: Concrete Experience: Involve in experience
2: Reflective Observation: Reflect on experience
3: Abstract Conceptualisation: Analyse and conceptualise experience
4: Active Experimentation: Use the skill again and experiment

Learning Improves Your Ability

Good learners are not people who know a lot of things. They are individuals who can learn many things from a single experience.In addtion,  they can analyse the cause of the outcome. Based on the learning, they can set assumptions and verify as well as to conceptualise the face. At the end, they can practically modify the concept and apply to the different type of process. On the other hand, people who do not understand this cycle will not analyse the cause and make the same mistakes over again. Although they may be successful in one task, they cannot repeat the same task because they have not analysed why it was successful.

Kolb’s Learning Style

4.Issue Based Problem Solving

You Cannot Make Decision-Based on Massive Data

When you are doing analysis on the main business issues, people tend to gather an enormous amount of information. Therefore the problem-solving process is based on huge amount of data, and they believe they can nail down the truth by these massive data. Analysing huge amount of data is similar to computer processing a calculation. It is impossible to think about every single pattern of things that might occur in business and try to reach the best decision.

Set Hypothesis Is the Road To Success

When we deal with massive data analysis, we will eventually run out of time. Then what we do is at the point of making a decision, we may not have enough information regarding the key factor to make the decision. Therefore, successful people will always set hypothesis at the early stage of  solving issues. In most cases, based on couple interviews with individuals who are involved, you can set an assumption of what will be the possible cause of the problems you are facing. So what do you do? You need to analyse, gather fact and varify the logic based on the hypothesis that you set. You don’t need to collect information which is not relevant to the possible causes.

Practice How To Set Hypothesis

There are a lot of books and articles regarding issue based problem solving. However, the first step is for you to set hypothesis on the key business issues you are dealing. If you don’t start then, it is useless. First, do it then come back to books or articles. You are hesitating to do it because you have too much knowledge and get overwhelmed. You don’t need to know a lot of things. Start to set assumptions and write them down. If you have a team, discuss on your point of view and get their feedback. Think about what are the facts you need to validate that the assumptions are correct. Then explain this to others and get their feedback. This is all you need to do, and you can do this right now.

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Again, I would like to emphasise that what you learn does not mean anything if you don’t work on them and experience it. You already know the things successfule people do in their life. Criticle factor for you is to execute and practice. Once you start practising it, then it is going to be your habit. Everyone wants to be successful and get these similar type of information from the different source. However, in most cases, people are satisfied with getting the information but do not perform. Now that you know the importance of the four things successful people do so let’s do it right now.

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