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Increase customer satisfaction is still one of the key indicators to improve your sales activities. I believe that you do have an idea of why customer satisfaction is important for your business. Companies are focusing on customer satisfaction to get out from being productivity or efficiency oriented. Also, it is important to build customer relationship so that they become repeat customers to sell products or services continuously. On the other hand, what are the actions are companies take to improve customer satisfaction? If you do not have the answer here is the blog post for today. You can learn about the advantages of managing customer satisfaction and how it relates to sales growth.

Advantages of Increasing Customer Satisfaction

The fundamental concept to increase customer satisfaction is to establish the business to acknowledge the importance of customer expectations and gain continuous profit throughout business activities. The critical factor for companies is to increase sustained profit. Unless you have a repeat customer who will come back and purchase your products, you will not be able to gain profit continuously. In fact losing repeat customers is the largest loss for companies because the cost to get a new customer is greater than that of maintaining existing customer. This is the ultimate reason why companies focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

Set Customer Expectations

It is important to realise that first step to increase customer satisfaction is to set customer expectations. If you do not know the what customer wants and needs, then it will be difficult to build sufficient relationship with the customer. Customer satisfaction can vary from product spec, price, place, delivery, availability, staff service level, etc. Therefore what you need to plan is how to measure customer expectations and the most popular way is to ask customers by surveys. Also, you need to think about the what are the metrics you want to track in your survey. As you can see from this Customer Satisfaction Metrics, it is now important to know whether your customer will recommend the product or service to others. If they would be willing to support, then you have exceeded the overall expectation that they had. In most cases, this is not just by a single factor. It will be a major task for the organisation to understand the expectation level of customer. You do not need to oversell what you can provide, but make sure you set the appropriate customer expectation so that your sales team understands the strategy to increase customer satisfaction.

Learn How Customer Decide Satisfied and Dissatisfied

Customers have an expectation of the product or service you provide unconsciously. They are always comparing their expectations against what you offer as an experience. Although you are selling a product, it is not only the product itself and the price that they are expecting. They will be expecting you to have the knowledge of the product, usage, and sometimes recommendations of other products as well understanding the objective of the customer usage of the product. If you do not provide a better experience of the shopping they may not come back and definitely will not recommend to others. Customer will be satisfied as long as you meet their expectations, but dissatisfaction can be just one moment. Customers can feel dissatisfied just by a single staff in an obscene manner although all the others were over the expectations. Continuous effort to train your employees to improve customer satisfaction is another key factor to remember.

Satisfied Customer Does Not Mean Royal Customer

When customers are satisfied, it may not always mean that you have exceeded their expectations. Most of the customer taking the survey will respond that they are satisfied as long as you meet their expectations. Therefore this means their satisfaction is average. Will this customer always be your repeat customer? Not always, because they are not loyal enough to come back and purchase the product or service you are providing. If you review customer surveys, you will find that some metrics they are satisfied but some they are not. They may be pleased with the overall interaction with the customer was high, but they may not be satisfied with the price. If they feel that it will take too much time to look around for other options, they will buy from you once, but maybe they will not be a repeater. The point is you need to understand that customer satisfaction is not the only factor in deciding whether the customer will continuously purchase your product or service.

Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction

Do you know that there are Employee Satisfaction against Customer Satisfaction? Particularly in the service industry, companies focus on employees satisfaction to provide better service to the customer. The concept is if you want to make your customer have a great experience, the people who provide the service must be very satisfied with what they do. One of the famous stories about employee satisfaction is Ritz-Carlton Osaka Hotel where they are very famous for their high hospitality spirit. Each staff, no matter what position you are, will be delighted 2,000USD to judge on their own to do what is the best thing for customers. This empowerment structure provides employees tho make immediate decisions to corresponding to customer needs. In a hotel, many things will happen, and if the staff takes a certain amount of time to ask their boss for approval, this process itself may make the customer dissatisfied. Ritz-Carlton Osaka Hotel well understands the characteristic of the customer satisfaction metric and decided to take these measure. As you can imagine, they provide service that the customer did not expect.

Learning Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately customer satisfaction is not the only factor to improve your sales. However, you cannot ignore customer satisfaction as it is one of the key factors to retain your customer to become repeaters. Furthermore, it is the recipe to learn about what customer wants. You now know that tracking customer satisfaction is about learning about customers, why they buy, why they do not buy. Understanding customer behaviour is important for you to think about the values you bring to the customer.

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