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Why 40’s Is The Best Time in Life

Today we want to learn about 9 valuable things to do in your 40’s. I think many of us asked ourselves, whether to do something or to start new things. Do you remember what your answer to those question? It is either, “I’m to too young to do it” or “I’m too old to start”. This is because we are not sure about when the best timing is to start or do things. We mentally believe that first half of life is too young and rest is too old! 40’s is the best time for your to start doing new things. Do you want to know why? Yes, it’s because you are not young anymore, and you are still not too old. There are always valuable things you can start from your 40’s because you already have life experience and should have particular work you are proud of doing. You still have miles ahead through the end of your career, but it is important for you to start doing the things you want in life.

Ask Questions About How You Lived Your Life

First, let’s ask us some questions about how we lived our life. Just take a couple of minutes to ask these questions.

  1. How satisfied am I in life now?
  2. What did I achieve in my relationship with people?
  3. How much do I enjoy the work that I do now? Is there any other work or jobs that I want to do in the future?
  4. What kind of decisions did I make which was a turning point in my career?
  5. What was the most enjoyable moment in my life until now? Why did I feel that way?

Answers to these questions can vary among people. You can make a huge difference in your life and make it even more valuable by focusing on the things you want to achieve. In addition, you may be satisfied or disappointed with your career or life, but you can never change the past. So what you can control and decide now is only the future. There are valuable things to do in your 40’s so let’s do them right now!

9 Valuable Things To Do In Your 40’s

1. Write Your Goals

When you go to seminars and hear from coaches or business leaders to set your goal, you understand the importance.
How many times do you go home and write down the goals as they teach you in these?
You even learn about how to write goals using SMART method and do you still track that goal?

People read books and articles or go to seminars and learn important things in life, such as setting goals and writing them down.
However, in most cases, you do not do what you learned. Reflect back to yourself, and I’m quite sure you have this experience.
This is the biggest difference with successful people. Successful people will learn same contents as average people, but the difference is they do what they learned. They continuously execute and make it as their habit. If you want to learn how to set your goals, there are many resources you can refer to below.

Personal Goal Setting -Mindtool-

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting – YourCoach-

How To Set Goals -Psychology Today-


2. Set Priorities in Life

Setting priorities is a very important task in life. As I mentioned earlier, people will fall into the trap of what satisfies them at this moment and not in the future. Unless you set priorities and have yourself to understand them, you will not focus on what you want.

For myself, I have been working as a business consultant and my goal is to give back what I learned in business by writing blog posts and training to young generations. I set a very high priority on this because I recognised that is really what I want to do. By setting the priority, I can put the effort on these activities rather than just spending my time focusing on my current consulting projects.

If you set high priority, that becomes your passion. Until I wrote down goals and set priorities, I didn’t understand what was important to me in life. Once you can set priorities your image of what you want becomes apparent.

3.Delegate to People and Focus on Human Resource Development

If you are in your 40’s, some of you are in a management position or team leader to manage people. Managing people is one of the most difficult tasks at work. The reason is simple. It is because you cannot control people. When you were junior, you were told to do certain work, and execution was your primary focus. Doing something by yourself is something you can control, although there are cases that you may not have the skill to execute based on expectation. However, managing people is a tough task for managers because it is faster and accurate for you to do it.

Delegate your tasks, delegate of authority is something you need to work on as a manager. Great leaders delegate their task and take responsibility. There was on sales manager as my client who told his sales staff to go and perform how you like. If you get complaints from customers, I will work to help you anytime. Sales staff trusted manager and he did go to every single customer who did make complaints. He did not say anything about the decisions that sales staff made because he made it clear that he will delegate decisions to them.

You can also learn the steps to delegate in this article about effective delegation (businessballs.com).

Great leaders delegate and trust his team.

4. Start Coaching People

I believe coaching people helps you to grow as an individual as you need to learn about how people think, make a decision, emotions that they feel, and why we behave how we behave. I started to get in touch with coaching from psychology. Learning theory of Alfred Adler had a great impact for me. Alfred Adler insisted that when we want to change our lifestyle, the biggest challenge we face is courage. The way we lived our life is base on our decision and not related to external events. We give our meaning to events and have emotions. Although you are suffering with the purpose, you are making a decision that this situation is better for me for a reason. We are all selecting or own lifestyle because that means something ‘s right for us. It is possible change our lifestyle immediately if we give different the meaning.

You can ask compelling questions by understanding the way people feel and make a decision. I’m sure you would want to support your staff and follows and have them enjoy their career. If you think so, focus on coaching them, guiding them rather than just teaching or telling them what they should do. Unless you can ask meaningful and powerful questions to others, you will never become a person who your follower will trust. This is because it is not about you. You need to ask questions and have them think and make decisions.

5. Think from CEO’s Perspective

When you see your CEO in your company, what kind of impression do you have? You might feel the energy, intelligence, leadership, enthusiasm he or she has. How much confidence do you think they have when CEO makes decision? I think You might have heard about the ” iceberg of ignorance”-bobbyalbert.com- study that top management only knows 4% of the issues in their organisation. Nowadays, there are technologies to support CEO’s decision-making process, but the reality is that they hardly have enough information to make confident decisions. For you to also see things from CEO’s perspective is important because that is how they want you to make the decision.

If you want to make an investment, you must think about the returns. If you want to increase your cost, then you have to make sure you can sell more by increasing the cost. It is very simple, but in most cases, we do not always think in this way. You must always have the vision, what if you are the CEO running this company, will you accept this situation in your business? Will your decision as a manager be valuable enough to contribute to your business?

Always having this mindset will improve your daily decision as a manager.

6. Learn new things from zero

Continuously learning new things is valuable. Reflect back in your 20’s and 30’s, and how much time did you spend to learn new things?
You might have been very busy with your daily work and trying to get promoted to get to where you are now. It worked out for you to a certain extent, but now that you are in your 40’s, you also need a different type of skills to improve yourself.

For example, if you have mastered a skill in one area, why don’t you start to learn and have another professional competence? If you are a manager, you can learn about leadership and management and focus on guiding your followers rather than just focusing yourself. Or you can simply start a new hobby and make new friends to enjoy your private time.

Learning new things requires effort, courage and patience. On the other hand, you get to know new people, new experience that can influence your emotional state to a better stage. Starting new learning from your 40’s can also give you confidence. that “You are not too old to start anything” and your life can change if you have the motivation to do so.

7.Prepare for Your Final Career

In the first part, we mentioned about the importance of writing goals. Now that you are in your 40’s let’s also set a goal for your final career. How do you want to end your career? What is the work that we will feel excited every single day that you can’t wait to start your day?

I have achieved most of the things I wanted as a consultant when I reflect back on my career. My next goal is to become a business coach and also a public speaker to influence people to live a better life. Why? Because I also want to live a better life and show my family that I lived a life that I enjoyed.

Let’s work step by step so that you can reach the goal. Success requires patience. Whatever goal you set, you will achieve if you start from your 40’s.

8.Think Value To People, Not Position and Salary

When you think about your career, position and salary are one of the key factors to measure your success. We all want to be better than other, although we do understand that we should not compare to others. I have been hiring consultants in Thailand, and there are some criteria I keep to judge whether to hire or not. It is whether you can feel they put importance on value rather than position or salary. Values can be, what you can provide to your customer, market, or society. It can also mean value of learning in an organisation to improve. People who just focus on position and salary will leave the company when there is a better offer. Employers who acknowledge this but still hires you mean that they just want to use you for a short period.

When you have new opportunities in your career, make sure to focus on values that it will bring to you.

9.Exercise in the Morning

Last but not least, think about your health. I can write one long blog post about health, but I want you to start some exercise in the morning. It can be any exercise, walking, running, yoga, swimming, golf or stretching. The reason why to emphasise this is that if you want to be active and feel the energy. Exercise will bring your physiology in a better state, and you will start to feel better and be motived to do things.

These are the nine valuable things to do in your 40’s. You may feel that it’s the same old motivational type of contents again. But do you know why people like these contents? It is because they know it is good, but they do not do it. That is why these nine things are valuable for you to start doing from your 40’s. You are not too young, and you are not too old to start. Let’s make sure we do these things and then we can pick the ones work for you and people which doesn’t.

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