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What Happens When You Have Successful Experience

We all face challenges in life. Either it is related to work life or private life, most of the case it is relevant to people. When we think about the change in life, we believe that successful people went through some tough challenges, but they were able to overcome the situation. Yes, it is true that successful people were able to transform themselves to climb the road to get the result. When you succeed, then you may have some belief formed in yourself. (Maybe not all but at least some of them.) Why would they resist change? Well it starts from these beliefs.

  • Overestimate your contribution
  • Overconfidence of professional skills
  • Ignore the impact of cost overrun projects
  • Consider others contribution as own success

These things are not truly a negative thing for your success in business. As we understand that to achieve our goal in our business, we have to confidence. We need individuals who are talented enough, who has the skill to show the value in business. As a result, successful people do show value in business. Then what makes successful people to resist change?

Do I Need To Change After I Succeeded?

I had one project which we had to do process improvement analysis for a sales organisation. The Partner who was responsible for the project had high EQ and always built a great relationship with the clients. We also had a Senior Manager who had decent delivery skills of process improvement and was the specialist in that area. Although there were some obstacles in the project, the Senior Manager successfully delivered the project. The Partner took more of a sales role in the project and showed presence when the client executive attended the stakeholders meeting. After the project, the client showed tremendous appreciation to the Partner that they hosted an event and had the Partner make a speech about the project. As you can imagine, the Partner received all the attention for success and in the speech he did not mention any of the members who contributed to the project. Of course, the Senior Manager never wanted to work with the Partner.

This Partner was a talented, successful executive. He had the social recognition, position and salary to show that he was successful. Did he do something wrong? Well regarding getting the result he did not do anything wrong. Building relationship he may have made the biggest mistake of his career. He had the opportunity to change, but at the end he chose to resist change. Does he need to change? Absolutely.

How About The Feedback You Get?

When you are very successful, you don’t focus on the feedback from others. In this case, the Senior Manager never talked to him at all. The Partner did not understand why his relationship was not working with the Senior Manager. Many others did give him advice, but as you can imagine, he did not listen. What can we learn from this? I was surprised at that moment of time because he had such a great career that I couldn’t believe he will treat his team like how he did. Besides, he even ignored all the advice from people who were close to him. From this incident, I felt that successful people may have their belief in success. They may have certain belief to think that success was lead by their skills and talent. Not by the contribution of others.

Four Beliefs of Successful People

Marshall Goldsmith wrote in the book “What Go You Here Won’t Get You There” the same situation of successful people’s way of thinking and behaviour. As an executive coach, he has coached successful people throughout his career. He pointed out that four beliefs prevents successful people from making changes. Success can make people believe that the past success can lead to success in the future. Successful people do get feedback, but they may not think that they need to change themselves to continue their success.

1.”I Have Succeeded”

The first belief is that “I have succeeded”. People who had success believes that they had the skill and talent to be successful. This brings confidence inside yourself to be more successful. So what’s the problem about this? It’s only when they need to change some of their behaviour. People need to step back and think about the changes required for their future success. Successful people always believe that they are in the top 20% in their organisation. It would definitely be difficult to have them realise that they are the one who needs to change.

2.”I Can Succeed”

The second belief is “I can succeed”. Successful people are so confident that they think they can make every business situation to be favourable to them. It is also true that if you have the confidence and the skill to convince customers, you can succeed. Although you don’t appreciate your team’s effort, there are cases that you can succeed. Therefore, for those who had this successful experience may not realise that they were able to succeed although there are things that they need to improve.

3.”I Will Succeed”

The third belief is “I will succeed”. Sometimes successful people are overly optimistic. Being optimistic is great. You need to be optimistic and believe that you can succeed and achieve your goal. The only problem is when you are getting feedback, successful people may not focus on the feedback and think that they need to improve. They will believe that they can do more they possibly can. As a result, what happens is that they will commit to more than their organisation can deliver.

4.”I Choose To Succeed”

The fourth belief is I choose to succeed. Successful people want to believe that they are making the right decision. The decision that they make leads to success. When we are told to do something, then we will only do what we are told. Successful people do not prefer to be controlled. In some situation, success comes with luck as well. The timing has to match although you might have the skill and talent to bring value to your clients. When people believe that all the choices made the success, it would be difficult to make them understand that there are things that you need to change, especially related to how they treat or communication with people. You can imagine how they will resist change in their way of living.

Successful People May Resist Change More Than Others

As a summary, we need to acknowledge that even individuals who had significant success will need to change. Additionally, they face the issue that they may resist change because of the success that they have. So what we can learn from this is that everyone who wants to make a change, they are facing a challenge. It ‘s hard to realise consciously that you need to change. We may think successful people get everything they want and can overcome any obstacles. That is not true it is equally or even harder for successful people to make a change, because of the experience which made them feel the pleasure. When you need to change, you may need some support to understand about yourself. You may need to know why people think in the way they do. Also about how other people observe you. Coaches can help you in multiple ways to overcome the hurdle of transforming yourself and resist change. The only thing you need is that you have the will to change.

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